True to its motto of thinking ‘outside the box’, according to Rick de la Croix, Chairman of Bomberg, a young and highly innovative brand, rooted in precision. Launched to the world in 2013 in Basel, Switzerland, Bomberg made waves for its audacious and disruptive designs. The brand developed the nonconforming characteristic of its product after the immediate success of its totally disruptive 1968 collection. The unconventional Bomberg reverses the classic watchmaking rules to create rare and usual timepieces. Bomberg has instilled an aging industry with provocativeness and expression that have established the brand as longstanding and given it international exposure.

Under the guidance of its Middle east Director Jacques Tedeschi, the eccentric brand launched a limited-edition timepiece, called the Pakistan Pearl. This special edition was launched on Pakistan’s Independence Day, 14th August 2018.

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