The most romantic watch brand in the world comes with a tale of love, philosophy, and glorious heritage. Ebel’s enduringly romantic tale gives it a universal appeal. Shaping the spirit of Ebel are the husband-wife duo, Eugène Blum and Alice Lévy, whose initials combined give the brand its name. A brand that embodies the union of two loving hearts was founded in 1911 in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Each watch built on strong masculine and feminine values celebrates the romance between aesthetic beauty and technical expertise. This contrasting duality of beauty and function is the core of Ebel’s founding philosophy. Natural to the love story behind the brand, in 1950 the Kissing ‘E’ logo became the emblem sealing Ebel’s heritage and philosophy with a kiss. Together the couple pioneered many milestones in horological history, including their ladies’ strap wristwatch and their diamond jewelry watch ring.  The Swiss watch manufacturers blend design, expertise, and technical precision with elegance. In 1932, the management of the company was taken over by Charles, the son of the founders. He built the sales network by expanding the brand to foreign countries. A blend of beauty, originality, and practicality immediately sets EBEL apart from several other watch brands.

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