More than a century ago, in 1901 Shogoro Yoshida founded the brand Orient Watch in Tokyo. Since its inception the brand had a single mission, to offer high-quality yet affordable timepieces with everlasting style. The Japanese watch brand's legacy is deeply rooted in craftsmanship, precision, reliability, and beauty. The company primarily focuses on mechanical watches, predominantly automatic watches with its in-house automatic movement production, ensuring the highest possible quality for customers worldwide. Orient has a watch for everyone ranging in price from reasonably inexpensive to very expensive. Orient Star and Orient Star Royal are the middle and high-end brands respectively, with the Royal Orient being their flagship line. Introduced in 19751, the Orient Star remains a “hero” product in every aspect. Another popular watch created by Orient in 1976 is the Multi-Year Calendar. Its unique design shows days with only one crown adjustment monthly. Today, Orient Watch offers a wide range of designs including of course mechanical, quartz and light powered.

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