Founded by Peter the Great in the early 1700s, Raketa is one of the very few watch brands in the world to have its own movement. The brand is housed in not only the oldest factory in Russia, but it is also the only watch factory in the country. After the destruction of the factory during WWII, it was rebuilt on orders from Joseph Stalin, so that the plant in no way be dependent on the West. Furthermore, the brand was named Raketa (rocket) to commemorate Russia’s first manned flight into outer space in 1961.

Raketa’s watchmakers combine the tried methods of the Soviet era with innovative and modern technology to produce a movement that apart from being reliable and robust but also combines Russian style decorations. These work-of-art movements are also pleasing to the ear as they produce a relaxing sound beating 18,000 times every hour. The brand also has a legacy of producing watches for the Russian Navy and Army.

The factory now offers free tours where visitors are acquainted with machines used in the watch-making process, learn about the factory’s history and see the watch models.

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