Introducing ‘Maison Sonraj’ and a new ‘Collectibles Boutique’

This has been a busy summer for Sonraj but a rewarding one which witnessed our labors come to fruition this week in Karachi.

Firstly, we have added a new stand-alone Collectibles Boutique to our Karachi offering. In a key commercial district location the boutique offers a new opportunity to shop and learn with the inclusion of a feature we are including in more of our boutiques – a window into a mini repair and adjustment centre.

Secondly we are excited to see the endeavors of Arbaaz Sattar, the third generation of our family come to fruition with the opening of ‘Maison Sonraj’ – a luxurious three storey experience in Karachi dedicated to luxury brands. With fragrances as its anchor the Maison will support both new entrants and established icons.

This first physical manifestation of the Maison concept has a design philosophy which showcases the very best and delivers an experiential environment which will be actively programmed with events throughout the year.

“Both initiatives are fundamental to our overarching strategy of being a multi-category player within the luxury sector. Maison Sonraj allows us to deploy our experience and reputation into new categories while we still maintain a strong focus on horology. Building strong customer relationships and pulling in new customers through non-watch activity into our extensive, laddered watch experience.”